Steps of Admission Process

Step 1. Apply online, send the documents and be admitted

You must now apply online on the website! And send us your documents by email. The required documents:

Passport (or any other identity document available)
School certificate;
Baccalaureate / mastery with transcriptions (for PG students)
Filled request form

As soon as you are admitted, we will send you the invoice to cover your first-year tuition fees and the letter of admission by e-mail.

Step 2. Get an invitation letter

To start your studies in universities in Poland, you must collect all the necessary packages of documents. If you have EU citizenship, it is not necessary to obtain the invitation letter. The required documents:

Copy of the international passport;
Application form;
Data processing agreement;
Document proving the level of English language;
Receipt of payment covering first -year tuition fees

The invitations to study will be issued within 3 weeks, after submitting all the documents of documents.

Step 3. Pass the English examination

If English is your mother tongue or if you have EU citizenship, you don’t need to take tests or exams! (Exclusion is also possible for those who have previous education in English)

If you need confirmation of knowledge of the English language, we will perform the ESOL exam in the form of online tests. The cost of the examination and delivery of the certificate by DHL will be $ 350. You will receive it at your personal address in the United Kingdom. If you need help, our teachers will help you with pleasure!

If you have already completed an English language exam, you can submit your results and we will inform you if you need to take your test.

Step 4. Get a Study Visa

If you have EU citizenship, you don’t need a visa to study in Poland! If you are a citizen not from the EU, you must get a student visa to your nearest Polish embassy or at the consulate.
The documents required for a visa application in Poland are:

Visa request form in Poland;
Two photos of the size of a passport;
International passport;
Travel medical insurance;
Evidence of accommodation (document confirming the availability in Poland of the proper housing for the scheduled stay period);
Documents confirming sufficient financial resources to cover the costs of life and the return of trips to the country of origin or residence;
Proof of payment of tuition fees for one year, issued by the University in Poland;
Letter of acceptance from the University of Poland;
Invitation letter from the University of Poland;
Document proving your level of competence in English or Polish language;
Received paid visa fees

We will do the visa process quickly and comfortable for you so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We will help you collect all the necessary documents so that you can get your visa as soon as possible!

Step 5. Arrive to study

As soon as you arrive in Poland, we will help you finish the admission process in 1 to 3 working days and you can start your lessons immediately. The representative of Poland University will meet you at the airport and accompany you in accommodation and university.

Your dream of studying at the University of Poland in Poland awaits you!