Campus of Universities in Poland

Ideal location

The universities of Poland for international students are located in the city region. These cities have a lot of parks, museums and many activities, which can be appropriate for each lifestyle you choose. Our teaching establishment is located in a unique complex with modern architecture giving the impression of an atmosphere of friendly and inspiring learning. The campus is located near the university, so it is always fast and comfortable to get there on foot or at any place in Poznan due to practical transport.

The best dormitories

Our campus is assured with everything necessary to live and study the processes. We provide all the living conditions: recently renovated rooms, a student restaurant with the most delicious and coolest foods, all the Internet for all students. Students also have the opportunity to join various student organizations, clubs and associations.

Necessary study installations

On our Campus territory, you can find the IEU library. It has a large collection of books, scientific journals and journals that are freely accessible to all our students and all our employees. A digital library, reading rooms, electronic resources, all research tools, museums, study rooms and dictionaries are always for your service.

Modern medical equipment

We offer well -equipped biology and chemistry laboratories for our medical students. The brand new campus is equipped with one of the most modern simulation medical centers in Poland. Depending on your specialty, you will have access to all the technical equipment you need for your practical training during your lessons.

Delicious food

Poland restaurants work with highly qualified caterers. Local chiefs are ready to stimulate your energy and satisfy everyone’s taste. You can enjoy the Polish kitchen, rich in meat, chicken and ham, in addition to a wide range of vegetables, spices, mushrooms and herbs. Traditional dishes are often demanding in preparation, so you will not be hungry anyway.

The staff of our campus do everything they can to improve your life. We hope that you will enjoy staying on the campus in the universities of Poland for international students and that this will become the second house for international students!