University Canteen

Lunch breaks are an important part of the day, because this is the moment when students can recharge their batteries and communicate with each other during the Study in Poland. We are happy to inform you that restaurant for international students works and ready to meet new visitors at any time and help you relax after a hard study process!

Highly qualified caterers and professional leaders are ready to stimulate your energy and satisfy everyone’s taste. Responding to all the safety and hygiene requirements is the fundamental principle of our catering service. Our food will surprise you with its variety and freshness. The restaurant area is divided into 5 different sections offering a practical atmosphere to enjoy meals, study and relax.

National traditional cuisine

Polish cuisine is rich in meat, especially pork, chicken and ham, in addition to a wide range of vegetables, spices, mushrooms and herbs. In general, Polish cuisine is copious and heavy in its use of butter, cream, eggs and in -depth seasoning. Traditional dishes are very famous among students, which is why all international students will have the chance to try them.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the number of restaurants and cafes where you can taste food from different countries and enjoy their atmosphere. Polish cuisine is influenced by its neighbors, with many dishes similar to those of Hungary and Germany. From basic Golabki dishes to a version of the goulash in Hungary, many foods in Poland borrow spices, flavors and cooking methods to create delicious hearty meals.

Nowadays, Polish cuisine is still changing, being influenced by various exotic tastes. In addition to traditional restaurants specializing in Polish cuisine, restaurants serving Italian, French and Asian foods mix in the cities of Poland, as well as in vegetarian bars.

Polish cuisine is, in nature, real comforting food, pleasant to eat and you simply make happier. It is nutritious and honest – he does not try to be exotic or pretend to be of first order. He uses his local products and their limits to bring Polish cuisine to a whole new level!