University Library

The Library in Universities of Poland are open, bringing together thousands of scientific books and journals freely available to all our students and staff. The university library has an extensive collection of books, journals, archives, guides, documents and publications.

The library of Polish Universities opens its doors to all international students! The importance of visiting a library is that reading information on a piece of paper is proven to improve concentration and the ability to concentrate. Libraries are a quiet zone. Knowledge can certainly be better acquired and absorbed in a serene environment than against a laptop at home with perpetual disturbances.

Books are an important source of knowledge during university studies. Students are free to learn a lot of theoretical material, which they can then put into practice. So it’s so important to have a place on the college campus where you can focus on something and immerse yourself in a world of books and knowledge. It is doubly pleasant when this place is comfortable, new and has all the necessary equipment and facilities to spend time or study there.

Studying together is fun!

The library supports student and community reading and literacy. This constitutes a reading habit and tradition among students and members of society. Visiting the library is an opportunity to study something new in a pleasant place with a calm and quiet atmosphere with your friends.

The library also provides the services of trained and expert librarians in the search, selection, circulation and organization of information and in the interpretation of information needs, navigation and analysis of large quantities of information with a variety of resources.

Go digital with us!

Our library applies new technologies by providing access to a digital library, electronic resources and excellent research tools, to ensure scientific and educational support to staff and students of Universities in Poland.

Our library has been renovated, so all reading areas and rooms are in excellent condition, equipped with all the necessary equipment for students studying and just relaxing after a hard day of classes. The library located in Building A, on the 3rd floor, houses two group study rooms and a computer room with free Internet access as well.

Entrance is open daily (weekdays) from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.