Online Classes for Internation Students:

Universities in Poland are excited to introduce a form of online education for all international students! If you are interested in obtaining higher education online, we are happy to invite you to become part of the digital community of Universities in Poland. Don’t waste your time and enroll in the best university in Europe today! We will take care of the transfer process if necessary, the selection of relevant study programs and the entire admission process. Join us now!

The University makes it possible to help each international student obtain a highest-level education degree directly from home or any other location. Online education helps our students stay connected with classmates and teachers around the world using modern technologies, such as online classes, interactive web platforms and Internet information resources, to communicate, complete homework and pass exams.

The Universities in Poland has created an online educational platform for students to complete their courses online. The University has developed unique distance educational programs with the guidance of professional professors, scientists and doctors to deliver the courses according to the offline program schedules. As soon as students register their personal account on the university educational platform for online studies, they can start their courses immediately with the ability to plan their personal time, review learning objectives, browse course materials and participate in discussion forums with professors and other students.

Online courses are available in English and approved by the Ministry of Education of Poland. All degrees earned online are recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Education Directory (IMED), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), and Medical Council of Canada (MCC).

We understand that, depending on many circumstances, some students cannot continue their studies, which is why we are happy to invite all students of any Ukrainian university to join the online courses of Universities in Poland! All students wishing to study at our university will receive a personal ID and password to use our online educational platform: Google Classroom.

Remember, anything that can be learned offline can easily be learned online. All courses offered by the University as a higher education provider can be delivered online. This means that our international students can follow the same course as full-time or part-time students studying on campus, and they obtain the same qualifications and diplomas.

How it works?

We believe the future of education will never be the same and we want to change it for the better. The Online Learning Platform is a web space of educational content and resources that offers our international students everything they need in one place: lectures, resources, opportunities to meet and chat with other students, and more. It is also a great way for the student and teacher to track student progress. We offer our International Students a change of perspective and see how everything works on the University’s online educational platform:

  • As soon as you join the educational platform, you will receive a username and password for your personal student account. You can change it at any time and no one except university technical specialists has access to your personal information. Using our online platform is no different from connecting to a social network. You will only have to register with a username or email and a password.
  • You can view your study plans, homework, unfinished tests and tasks, and other study materials on the dedicated page of your personal account: everything is available at any time!
  • Check to see if you have live lectures to attend at specific times or if you have material to read and study. Otherwise, all of your course material is available to you to view or listen to at your own pace. The platform offers ready-to-learn courses designed by the world’s best specialists that you can simply add to your program. Live classes can be delivered through the course platform or hosted on another app, such as Skype or Zoom.
  • To participate in live discussions and lectures, simply log in to your personal student account and join the video conference at the scheduled time.
  • If you have any questions, you can consult your professor or teacher to complete the assignments. This can be done through the learning platform itself, via video conferencing, by submitting assignments via email, or via live chat. If you have deadlines for completing courses and assignments, they will be indicated and signed for you on the platform, but it will not be a problem to contact the instructor just in case.
  • Additionally, you can enroll in an online learning course offered by the University to take up a new hobby, such as digital painting, learning a new language, programming or others.
  • The priority of Universities in Poland lies in microlearning. That’s why our best developers design our software to work best with mobile devices, enabling learning anytime, anywhere.
  • To become an online student, all you need is a phone or computer and a stable internet connection.

The Benefits of Online Education


The most important advantage of distance learning is its flexibility. Online education allows students to continue participating in classes and discussions without being physically present. Distance learning online ensures greater flexibility than a traditional classroom setting thanks to the ability for teachers and international students to fit lessons into their personal schedules.

Two options are available for our students: study materials that they can review at any time and live calls with teachers and classmates due to their offline schedules. Educational materials for courses, conferences and seminars can be used by students as often as they need. This makes it easier to obtain study material or to return to topics that do not seem clear. The materials used for lessons, such as presentations, books and personal notes from teachers, are also stored in your personal account so that you can refer to them at any time. Live online classes are also an essential part of distance learning as they allow international students from anywhere in the world to communicate with the best professors and lecturers of the university. To participate in live discussions and lectures, simply log in to your personal student account and join the video conference at the scheduled time.

If you cannot attend the online course for any reason, there is no need to worry. You can watch the course again right after and ask the teacher any questions you have via live chat or personal messages. There are many means of communication, so there is no point worrying about the lack of information or cooperation from distance students.
Flexibility is also important when it comes to studying materials and saving time. The university’s online campus only requires a phone or computer and a stable internet connection. There is no need to waste your time and money to attend a university in another country. You obtain the best recognized diploma in the world without leaving your hometown.


Online education provides benefits to students with special needs, including individual learning activities for students with ADHD, students with disabilities, students with visual impairments, and other learning differences. We also offer special support to Ukrainian students affected by the war. There is no need to pay extra for special accommodations for students with physical disabilities. They don’t need to move from one class to another or fight against theft. Many international students from different countries are able to get a high-quality education even if they are physically or mentally disabled.

We offer the most accessible solutions, such as tools for hearing-impaired students, an option to pause, rewind, slow down lecture videos, and many more. We do everything possible to tailor our online training to students with specific learning needs. The University allows teachers to give special attention to each student who needs it.

Reduced costs

Online education does not require too much participation. Students only need a smartphone, computer, tablet, or other device with a stable internet connection. You don’t need to spend time and money commuting to campus or moving to another country. Students can combine their studies and work, spend more time with their loved ones and save a lot of money by participating in online studies. Content available 24/7, including live recorded lectures, saves time for teachers and students.

Personal development

Online education designs new modern and seamless skills for students, such as time management skills, technical skills, critical thinking skills, and communication skills. Managing your study activities allows you to organize your time to spend it most efficiently. There are many procrastinators and anticipations who participate in online studies, but now they no longer have to struggle with deadlines and unfinished tasks on time, because they are able to complete their assignments when they are at ease, without time limits or under-class pressure. It is also a great challenge and a kind of fun for students who are passionate about creating schedules and organizing their activities, because studying online allows them to make their to-do list 100% effective and fruitful. A study process without a strict schedule helps reduce stress and anxiety for students who do not feel comfortable studying, for example in the morning, or who are very stressed by their unfinished homework and tests.

Mastering modern technical skills through distance learning is also a great opportunity to get a better job or internship in the future. Employers are always interested in candidates with a wide range of technical skills because they make the work processes of any company faster and more efficient. The online education system includes many technologies for content delivery. Students learn some technical skills by studying online:

  • Online search
  • Word/Excel processing
  • Video conference
  • Slide presentations
  • Creation of discussion forums
  • Management of collaborative applications
  • Social networks
  • Email correspondence
  • Video creation

Online education provides the opportunity to learn the technical skills essential to becoming an in-demand professional in any field of study. We believe that online literacy is the future and aim for distance learning to promote modern technical skills needed by our international students etc.