Poltava National Technical University


City: Poltava

Founded in 1930

Status: State

Accreditation: IV

Form of study: Full-time, part-time, external

Qualifying  levels: Bachelor, Specialist, Master, Doctoral Programmes

10000 students

Material-technical base:

Central building

9 educational buildings

Laboratory facilities and modules;

Stadium and sports complex;

Campus with 5 dormitories for students, equipped with computer classes


Canteen, café


4 gyms

65 educational and research laboratories with full-scale equipment

 32 computer labs

 computerized library (500 thousand copies)

 5 reading rooms

 Poltava National Technical University

Poltava National Technical University named after Kondratyuk is a higher education institution in Poltava, established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 29 August 1994 on the basis of the former Civil Engineering Institute, then called the Poltava Technical University. In March 2002 the university granted the status of a national. Since that time, it became known as the Poltava National Technical Universitynamed after Kondratyuk.

Teaching staff: more than 500 teachers, among which are 2 Winners of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, 3 Honored Worker of Education, 1 National Artist of Ukraine, 2 Honored Artists of Ukraine, 1 Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, 1 Honored Artist of Ukraine, 3 winners of an award named after academician Budnikov, 30 academicians and Corresponding Members of the Academy of Sciences of theUkrainian industry, 34 doctors of Science, Professors, 238  PhD, assistant professors.

University students practice at enterprises of the city and region and in the specialized training and industrial laboratories.

University diploma recognized abroad in accordance with international agreements.

In 2002, for a contribution in education and the international recognition  university assigned to national status. It has about 10,000 students from 23 regions of Ukraine and 11 countries.

In April 2010, the university was awarded the Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

We are proud of our leading scientists, State Prize Winners of Ukraine in science and technology, architecture, Ph.D., professors, who enrich the research potential of the domestic science and education.


Faculty of Architecture

Department of  Architecture of Buildings and Structures.

Department of Town-planning.

Department of Design of Architectural Environment.

Department of fine-art.

Department of Decorative and Applied Arts.

Construction Faculty:

Department of Civil and Industrial Construction

Department of Agricultural Construction

Department of Construction and Design of Objects of Oil and Gas Production Complex

Department of Repair, Exploitation and Strengthening of Constructions and Buildings

Department of Technology of Building Construction, Materials and Wares

Department of Economy and Building of City

Department of Air Fields and Highways

Department of Gas and Warm Supplying and Ventilation

Department of Geodesy, Cartography, Landmanagement.

Faculty of Management and Business

Department of Auditing and Accounting.

Department of Economic Cybernetic.

Department of Management of Enterprise

Department of Management of Innovative Activity

Department of Marketing.

Department of Tourism.

Department of Organizational Management and Administration

Department of Business-Administration.

Faculty of Electric and Mechanics

Department of Machine Construction Technology.

Department of Motor Vehicles and Motoring

Department of Automation Electro mechanic Systems and Electric Drive

Department of Lifting transport, Road, Building, Melioration Machines and Equipment

Department of Automobile Transport.

Department of Electromechanic .

Department of Cars and Automobile Economy

Finance and Economics

Department of Economy of Enterprise.

Department of Finances.

Department of Banking

Department of Economic-legal Regulation of Enterprise Activity

Department of International Economics.

Department of Marketing.

International History

Sanitary Engineering

Department Drainage System and Water-supply  (6500 UAH)

Department of Environment protection and Ecology  (6500 UAH)

Oil and Gas Faculty   (7900 UAH)

Department of Production of Oil and Gas

Department of Equipment of Oil and Gas Mines

Department of Hydrotechnics.

Department of Ecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Nature Exploitation

Heat-and-power Engineering.

Rational Using of water

Faculty of Information and Telecommunication Technologies and Systems



Computer Engineering.

Computer Science.

Computer Systems and Network.

Humanitarian Faculty

Documentology and Information Activity.

Human Health.


Faculty for foreign Students:

Foreign citizens must have a document of complete secondary education and scores from the academic disciplines or certificate of completion the preparatory department for foreign citizens (it does not apply to foreigners who come to the preparatory department of NTUU KPI or have certificates with grades from Russian language); the original document and copy of educational qualification: – “Bachelor” (duration of training for 4 years) – Applicants shall submit for the educational qualification of Master’s degree (“engineer” with a duration training for 5 years) – entrants shall submit to post-graduate studies.

Preparation Faculty

Centre of Postgraduate Education

Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens

Separate divisions:

Poltava Petroleum Exploration College

Mirgorodsk Industrial Art College named after Nikolai Gogol

We welcome you to study at Poltava National Technical University

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