Reasons to Study in Poland

If you want to get a high-quality education at one of the best universities in Europe, studying in Poland is the right option for you! The number of foreign students wishing to pursue higher education at Polish universities is increasing every day. Studying in Poland offers excellent opportunities to obtain a university degree in your desired specialty.

The study in Poland was rated excellent by the quality assurance survey. We collaborate with the most famous and innovative educational institutions in Europe, USA, Asia, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Why choose Universities in Poland?

  • A European standard of living with a lower cost of living, studying and traveling;
  • International Study Abroad Programs;
  • Worldwide recognized university degree;
  • Affordable higher education programs;
  • Job prospects and postgraduate internships;
  • English education system;
  • The best clinical bases and medical equipment;
  • Modern and renovated student campus;
  • The best online learning platform;
  • Temporary residence permit in Poland;
  • Authorization to work during your studies;
  • Professional teaching and research staff;
  • Simple and quick admission process;

International graduates from European universities are in high demand by international companies and receive job offers around the world. The Universities in Poland cooperates with an extensive network of universities around the world.

The Universities in Poland can offer you the following:

  • An extensive range of graduate and postgraduate courses as well as excellent supporting resources and facilities;
  • A thriving academic community where students can learn from experts and gain all necessary qualifications;
  • Brand new modern medical equipment;
  • Latest computer and engineering technologies;
  • One of the best simulation centers in Poland;
  • Professional and educated teaching staff;
  • Modern biology and engineering laboratories;
  • Internships in world-renowned companies;
  • Online and offline study options;
  • Educational qualification recognized worldwide;
  • Cooperation with internationally renowned research institutes that pursue thematic academic research in their chosen field. Several institutes are multidisciplinary and bring together related disciplines to address major scientific questions in a dynamic and stimulating intellectual environment.

Our mission is to provide international students with the best facilities, knowledge and technology to make the world a better place for everyone. The International Student community in Poland is rich in many cultural, social and global traditions. We promote identity, inclusion and expression to teach a generation of famous medical, IT, engineering, art, science and law professionals in Poland and abroad.

We prepare leading specialists in our dedicated schools to choose from:

  • European School of Medicine
  • European Business School
  • European School of Informatics
  • European School of Law
  • European Language School
  • European School of Architecture and Engineering
  • European School of Human Sciences
  • European School of Life Sciences

Universities in Poland are known to be the most innovative universities and is considered the first choice of international students worldwide. The educational standards of Universities in Poland aim to guide the development and evaluation of medical education programs.