Sports Complex

At Universities in Poland, we have created all the necessary conditions for International students to relax and improve their cultural level. There are two meeting rooms available for student services; educational events can also be organized and conducted there. The meeting rooms are located on the premises of Universities in Poland. Scientific conferences and seminars, creative evenings, meetings with eminent scientists and celebrations for International Students of Universities in Poland (such as student initiation ceremony, graduation ceremony, etc.) are organized here. There are multimedia, audio and video projection equipment in the meeting rooms.

At Universities in Poland there are sports halls for physical education, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, sports sections and competitions.

Sporting activities

The sports halls of Universities in Poland are fully equipped for training and sports competitions in basketball, volleyball, mini-football, big tennis, athletic gymnastics, table tennis, martial arts, etc. The rooms have basketball boards, football gates, volleyball nets, tennis and badminton nets, basketball, football, volleyball, ping pong tables, simulators, arboretums, bicycle ergometers, “Rehabilitation and health” platforms, sports treads (horizontal and vertical thrust). back muscle blocks, linkage, horizontal exercise bike, thigh muscle trainer, Smith machine, chest machine, training and pulling muscle trainer, crossover, leg press trainer, professional dumbbells, discs, multi-purpose wall , arm wrestling table, dumbbell, barbell, drives at the bar, balls to develop the hand, massage balls, soft toys, football, etc.).

The University Stadium in Poland is partially equipped with a special rubber covering for football and volleyball; there are treadmills, a long jump pit, pillars and a volleyball court.

The best sports facilities

Students of the Polish Universities can use said equipment during and after classes if they have made an appointment. This way, they can spend more time at the gym, not only to exercise, but also to improve their health. Students are constantly supervised by professionals. There are also specialist doctors in all gyms who can help you if needed.

Thus, the sports infrastructure of Universities in Poland fully meets the needs of the University in the sports educational process and the needs of students in personal self-realization.