Education for students with disabilities

For Students with special educational needs and reduced mobility

The administration of Universities in Poland constantly pays attention to providing comfortable conditions for people with special needs. This is why Universities in Poland introduces a supporting educational system that includes the use of new educational technologies to create equal conditions of access to education for people with special needs. Interactive teaching methods are particularly used: role-playing, cases, gaming technologies, problem-based learning, individualized programmed learning, etc.

At the Universities in Poland, people with disabilities and other disabled groups are never left alone. There are developed ways to create unhindered access for student with special needs to every room in the University building. The expert in technical control of buildings and constructions confirms that any student or staff with a certain disability has free access to each classroom, study or reading room, university laboratory, offices, library and meeting room. Physically disabled students and wheelchair users can not only move easily in the common areas of Universities in Poland for International Students, but also comfortably satisfy their daily needs and rest.

Personalized approach

The administration of our university tries to pay due attention to people with disabilities and helps them choose a schedule or program that will meet their expectations and keep them healthy. Students with disabilities are encouraged to take advantage of available opportunities to help them achieve their educational goals. During our lessons, these students can use alternate keyboards (customize the appearance using unique overlays not present on a standard keyboard), audiobooks, writing materials (help suggest the next word to the student before he types and make writing more acceptable to students with this learning deficit), graphic organizers (work hand-in-hand with presentation software to help students who struggle to organize and to describe problems), speech synthesis (scans the written text and then synthesizes it, reading it in a voice that students can easily understand). Students at Universities in Poland will be taught by supportive teachers and peers, to whom they can turn for help. The university has developed tasks suitable for students with special educational needs.