Study in Ukraine

Study in Ukraine

What makes Study Abroad Ukraine   a special Destination ?

Unique Culture

 Ukraine is one of those nations where  culture  has prevailed due to the resilience of its denizens. The hunger for knowledge has always persisted despite the wars and invasions that consumed the nation throughout centuries. The literature of the country dates back as far back as the 11th century. Printing was introduced in the 16th century and the country saw the origin of a unique form of epic poems in the same era which were a highpoint in the Ukrainian literature.  The same traits led to the evolution of music in the country and as a result, the current music domain includes traditional, classical and modern rock music which has permeated the mass psyche. Similarly the architecture of the country has also developed over a large period of time.


Ukraine Literacy Rate

Study in Ukraine

Study in Ukraine

When it was a part of the former U.S.S.R., the emphasis of total access of education-to-all has led the country to achieve a literacy rate of 99.4% today. The first major institutions for higher education emerged as early as in the 16th century and the trend continued with more and more such institutions coming up, with a huge spike in numbers in the 18thcentury. Newer institutions are being created till date.




Established Infrastructure

It must also be pointed that under the former Soviet rule, the country was the hub of research and development. After achieving autonomy, the infrastructure was even further developed. Today, Ukraine is home to some of the largest corporations in the world.


Education Hub of East Europe

One can clearly see that study abroad in Ukraine will help one immerse into one of the world’s finest environment for education. The education standards are at par with the best colleges in the world and so are the job prospects. This is the reason that a large number of students who initially have planned only to study in the country eventually migrate to this beautiful country because it offers them a chance to live their dream life.


Ukrainian Education Environment

 Ukraine has abundance of intellectuals, education institutionsresearch facilities and corporate businesses. This is complimented by the abundance of natural terrain and the myriad flora and fauna that thrives in the wildlife reserves. This balance of opportunity and natural harmony offers the best environment for a curious mind which can peacefully help resolve the latest mysteries in science, technology, medicine and other fields. The universities offer a 4 year bachelor degree and 2 years master’s degree. Some universities from the Soviet era also offer degree courses of 5 years.


The blend of Polish, Russian and Ukrainian culture along with the technological advancements offer a unique environment for studies and this is what has resulted in the surging popularity of Study Abroad programs inUkraine. The country is not only a hub on knowledge but also an ethnic melting pot of cultures.

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